>Natural Birth Natural Body!


Natural Birth Natural Body Conference! Its coming up soon in Philadelphia. Habeebee Homeschooling will be speaking there inshaAllah (God Willing) giving the workshop on education, the natural role of women. Registration is available NOW! May 27th and May 28th Philadelphia is the place to be for these great workshops, vendors, and free samples!

Please spread the word about this workshop, women only and we must take advantage of this, it is a chance to learn about ourselves, grow, and network!

Click the link above to register! You do not want to miss this event.

There is also child care available and vendors wanted! If you have a business and want to place an ad please click the link to get info or contact:

Aishia Muhammad                                                                        

Facebook: aishiaThemidwife Muhammad

2 Comments to “>Natural Birth Natural Body!”

  1. >As salaamu Alaykum. This is my first time checking out the blog. Wow. I must say, I'm impressed. It's so engaging and full of information. May Allah continue to bless you with tawfeeq, Ameen. I hope to see you soon at the Natural Birth Natural Body Conference next month! Ladies, sistaz, if you weren't thinking of attending this conference, you should reconsider. I'm telling you, if you're about community progression and empowerment, this is the event for you!

  2. >Wa alaykum salaam ameen ameen wa ante I am so happy you came back and showed your support!!! Im making duaa I will be attending your workshop its so needed mashaAllah

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