>Pop Out Flowers!


This activity is a fun one that I came across one day on http://www.teachpreschool.org/ . Its a simple fun activity that my children loved! We decided to make pop out flowers. Alhamdulillah the materials are easy to gather. I love this idea because its so creative and it gave us a chance to talk about flowers and how they grow. Let your children use their imagination.
Paper Cups
Green Contruction Paper
Any color construction paper for the background
1.) Use scissors to cut small slits around the paper cup. You can monitor your child and let them do this. Fold the petals down. Try not to pull too hard so the petals do not break

2.) Fold the petals down. Try not to pull too hard so the petals do not break
3.) Paint the petals or use marks to decorate it. Also paint the center of it
4.) As your child paints the petals, parents can cut the green construction paper to make the leaves and stem.
5.) Make outlines of the stem and leaf in glue on the construction paper and have your child glue the cut out leaves on the outlined glue.

6.) After that put a big glob of glue on the top of the stem and place the cup flower on top!


2 Comments to “>Pop Out Flowers!”

  1. >I can't remember who originally shared this activity with me but I love it too!

  2. >We used to make like baskets/flowers from plastic cups when I was a kid 🙂 It's looking great 🙂

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