>Rainbow Rice!


Rice Rocket!

Grace and Peace everyone! ! Just recently a friend of the family gave us a big bag of rice. I had to make space for it in the kitchen cabinet and so on my cleaning spree I found an unused box of food coloring! Me and my husband decided to mix a little rice and food coloring for the children to make pictures with.
food coloring
ziploc bags
rubbing alcohol (optional)
We put the rice inside ziploc bags added a few drops of food coloring in each bag. sealed it closed and then let the children shake and move the rice around until it was all coated. After it dried we decorated pictures with it.
Now there have been many ways to do colored rice and many recipes include rubbing alcohol, I have heard it makes the colors brighter but I never tried it. Also we have done this same activity with cooked spaghetti.. yes cooked lol and not cooked


2 Comments to “>Rainbow Rice!”

  1. >We made rainbow rice last week!! Hope to blog about it soon. It's so pretty! I like that you made a little drawing out of it.

  2. >I will have to do this again inshaAllah! did you use rubbing alcohol? Can't wait to see your pics of projects I can do with my little fellas

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