>Time Out: Not Just For Children!


                                                          The children are crying, the place is a wreck, and you just can’t seem to get it together today. It happens to all of us, what is important is how we behave and act when we get off track. Are you the kind of person to yell? Say a bad word? Slam doors? or Give the children a harder time than usual because you are in a bad mood.
 Sadly, many of us let our emotions get the best of us, we must learn to master or feelings and know when to take a break. I say parents need a time out too, what happens when a parent takes a time out? They regroup, reflect, and feel refreshed. Then they are able to get back into the “game” with a whole other attitude. One that keeps the team together and motivated.
One of my dear friends said the M in mom does not stand for machine. I like to say the M stands for miraculous, we are able to dedicate ourselves to our family and be the strong backbone of support. The house functions much better when we are at our best but if we are not, everyone suffers. This is a list of reminders for parents when they need to STOP and take a time out.
1. Keep Allah (God) first. Turn to Him at all times and ask for Him to increase you in sabr (patience) and sakina (ease)
2.Take a breather, go for a walk and change the enviroment.
3. Seek the support of family and good friends. They can help you achieve number two and take the load off
4. Motivations! Talking to other moms/parents can inspire you and give you a pep talk and boost
5. Have fun, laugh, smile and thank Allah for your blessings.. there are so many you can lose count!!

One Comment to “>Time Out: Not Just For Children!”

  1. >SubhanaAllah these days seem to get the best of me! I usually end up feeling lazy, inadequate or upset. Thanks for the post

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