>Homemade Paint!


During one of my homeschooling days we ran out of paint! Alhamdulilah I found a quick, safe, and simple recipe to make homemade paint. It was very simple and the children helped to make it. The colors came out nice and vibrant.

food coloring2 cups white flour
2 cups cold water
food coloring

Pour water into a large mixing bowl. Start slowly adding flour to the water while stirring. Keep adding the flour and stirring until the ingredients are fully mixed together. Separate portions to empty baby food jars or other containers and add food coloring to each to make different colors.
We put ours in empty honey containers and let the children squeeze paint out on the paper


3 Comments to “>Homemade Paint!”

  1. >Salam! How similar to the colour of the food colouring does the paint colour turn out?

  2. >Salaam Jamal we used neon food coloring and it turned out very similar, nice and bright colors, I have yet to try with plain food colorin, when I do I will elt you know! How did you find our blog?

  3. >Salam HH. I followed a link through Twitter (I'm following you on there, albeit not as 'myself'!) We're intending to homeschool our three so always got an eye on homeschooling activities, and Muslims homeschooling in particular. Good blog, will check back again soon. Wassalam

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