>Making Memories

> I was inspired to write this article because today my son turned 1 subhanAllah The reason I started homeschooling, was not only to take the lead in my child’s education but to have that family bonding time, that is really important from a young age. The rewards and joys of being a stay at home homeschooling mom are endless and today I am reminded of how blessed I am and grateful for all that Allah has given me and my family. From before the moment of conception I knew I wanted to homeschool and be an active mommy.
 I dreaded the thought of being one of those parents who claimed “I don’t play with kids..” or “I can’t wait until they get out my face and go watch tv…” how awful is that? How hurtful it is for me, to even think parents talk to their children this way. I knew that from the time my children were born I wanted to make the best memories with them. I have spent much time looking and searching for ideas and new ways to homeschool my children and I feel and see the benefits subhanAllah.

Some people may look at me funny, when I say I am homeschooling, they ask me “How old are your children?” I reply “3, 2, and 1” they give me this look like: What could you possibly be doing with a 3, 2, and 1 yr old that is considered homeschool? I do not let those looks and ideas bother me. I used to doubt myself and say well maybe what I am doing is not worth anything.

My husband, being supportive and kind had to remind me that providing them with an environment that is stimulating them intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally is something we should do at an early age and not neglect the fact our children have rights over us! The early years are important for a childs development and I wanted to be sure they were being engaged mentally and exploring their world in the best way. Alhamdulilah I am happy to say that my children are a gift and that I must take care of them and give them the best for their development.
Our fun activties are prescious family times, filled with fun, smiles and bonding mashaAllah.  One of the things I enjoy is painting with the children, some parents cringe at the sight of paint, but I remember when I let my two year old, when he was one paint himself, as long as they were safe, I was fine with a little paint here and there. I’m happy when they are enjoying their creative expressions and their smiles makes everything worthwhile.
In the picture is Tahmeed’s hand, he is my youngest child and at two months old we decided to have him finger paint with us. Your child is never too young for you to do activites with them. There is so much blessings in benefits for being active in your child’s life spiritual and more. Habeebee Homeschooling was also started to help those parents find age appropriate ideas, to inspire and motivate parents. We encourage family bonding and being involved! We share on facebook, twitter and this blog how tos and articles to help parents.
Many people will say why homeschool children that are under 5? Why not! From the womb they encourage mothers to talk to their babies, and read to them. When children are born why should we stop?

Continue a love for learning and reading, children under the age of 5 are like sponges this is a good time to teach a new language…make their world a place of learning and fun:

Early interactions have a decisive impact on the nature and extent of adult capacities.
Children learn in the context of important relationships. Early care and nurture have a decisive, long-lasting impact on how people develop, their ability to learn and their capacity to regulate their own emotions. Research on the impact of early attachments confirms that warm, responsive caregiving is essential to healthy brain development.

~Happy Birthday Tahmeed, let the good times roll

~Habeebee Homeschooling~

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2 Comments to “>Making Memories”

  1. >That picture warmed my heart!!

  2. >MashaAllah!! Alhamdulilah awwww :)me too thank you for leaving a comment. He was sleeping too when I put his hand in the paint lol I think he woke up shortly after that 🙂

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