>Homemade Glue


If you had a chance to look at todays previous arts and crafts we made homemade glitter! Well to my surprise I did not have any glue for them to sprinkle their glitter on. I did a search on the web for homemade glue and I knew I had seen it before because I posted it on the Habeebee Homeschooling facebook group a long time ago.

 Needless to say, I found it and proceeded to make glue! Materials: Plain white flour water There was not a mixing ratio, the directions stated make as much as you want and so I did a small amount for the boys to make hand prints. You determine the amount you want and mix until it is paste like.

The directions stated to use it as soon you are done making it and thats what we did, it was nice and fun. I painted the glue on the boys hands and let them stick it on the paper then sprinkled the glitter on it I will have to try this one again!

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Next time we will use less dark colors and much more brighter colors!

One Comment to “>Homemade Glue”

  1. >I didn't know you could make glue. This is really cool.Stopping from Mom Loop!

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