>No Spinner Spin Art

>As all of my friends know my husband and I enjoy getting new ideas from http://www.teachpreschool.org/ . Deborah had this great idea for using a paper plate for spin art, see it here: Paper Plate Spin Art Without the Spinner For Preschoolers.

I love easy to do crafts where all the materials are at home. I did a little twist to this one. A year or so ago my husband bought these clear lids that were suppose to  be tops for everything, they did not work and so we just kept them. Good thing we never threw them away! I was in the kitchen making spaghetti..for eating, not for play lol when I saw those clear tops.

I told myself that this would be kinda similar to using a paper plate except with this the children could see the colors mixing and feel it. Here is our version of the spin art:


3 Comments to “>No Spinner Spin Art”

  1. >Oooh, I love it!! Now where can I find some of those clear lids??

  2. >Deborah I'm glad you like it! Those lids come in other sizes: http://www.bestofasseenontv.com/smart%20lidz/smart_lidz.html We found them at the dollar store

  3. >Haha – I should have known they would be at the dollar store!

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