>Gone Fishin’

> For the life of me, I cannot remember where I saw this idea at. We did not finish decorating the vox but I intend on doing that soon. This game was such a hit I actually had to hid it from the children!!

Pipe Cleaner
Blue construction paper
Glittler, crayings, paint etc

The children can decorate the box themselves first, making it an underwater theme. Draw some fis, seaweed and little rocks etc on the box.
Glue or tape the blue construction paper to the bottom inside of the box.
Take the pipe cleaners and make different size fishes of different colors.

Tie the maganet to the yarn and we put the yarn on a stick like a fishing rod.

Then go fish!

I love this game because not only does it tach them to focus they can learn about sizes and colors. after letting them play this for a long time, we started asking them to get the big yellow fish or say where is the smallest fosh and can you get it. I have to say this is one game that my children really enjoyed. You can make more than one fishing rod and let the children race to see who can get the most fish.


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One Comment to “>Gone Fishin’”

  1. >Oh fab!!! SIMPLE IS BEST! Love it! We will have to make some (adding it to a very long list of crafts to do!!!)Maggy

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