>Indoor Rain!!

>Ok in taking the Habeebee Homeschooling challenge this week we did a water based activity.
We decided to do indoor rain, it was simple fun and the children enjoyed it

This is something best seen on video so I did a brief recording and took some pictures.

Directions: For this you need a small amount of hot water inside the jar. Place the lid ontop of the jar upside down and put several ice cubes on the lid. Moisture forms on the lid top inside the jar and soon you will see the moisture drip down like rain. warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. when warm air in the sky hits cold air higher up, it condenses turns into water vapor and rains 🙂
Part 2 of the science project we made ice with blue food coloring the second time around with the same concept in mind

6 Responses to “>Indoor Rain!!”

  1. >What a fascinating idea! I am so terrible at coming up with idea for science! I will stash this away for this summer!

  2. Thats a great idea! I love the use of the food colouring too. We did a similar experiment to make a cloud, but it wasn’t as impressive as yours. xx

  3. This is a great idea for the water cycle and rain!

  4. Awesome experiment – and a good explanation, too! I’m going to link to this in my weather theme.


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