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May 25, 2011

>Spicy Jungle Theme Challenge


Well, I told you we would do it in spices and we did ! It was so much fun – well at least Muhammad had loads of fun, so I tried to stay out of it.
We used cinnamon sticks for the tree bark because that is almost obvious
Then we used different spices for  the bush of the trees – the first one is a mixed chilli spice, then origanum, paprika and tumeric.
The little monkey on the left is all-spice and cloves – he is hanging on a origanum vine.
The grass is whole cumin seeds.
The birds/parrots are cardamom.
And for that extra special flavours sachets of chilli salt was sprinkled all over the page !

I want to thank you once again not just for the challenge, which really gets us going each week but the opportunity to get really creative and have an enjoyable time together !

Much love
Carimah & Muhammad
Cape Town, South Africa

May 25, 2011

>Milk and Food Coloring


What happens when you mix milk food coloring and dish detergent? I really thought this was awesome. I read it on a preschool science website and had to try it. Tired out pretty cool, what do you think?
You will need a dish of milk
Food coloring
Q tips
Dish Detergent
We put the Q tips (the tips only) in the detergent and then the children touched the food coloring with it.
 Watch all the neat designs that happenes with this easy to do and fun science experiment. The children had such a good time and as I always say, I love when the materials are right there in our home!

Put food coloring on the edges of the tray of milk

The end result of our mixing
May 22, 2011

>Write On!


Alhamdulillah woot woot Takbir wrote his name! What can I say? This will open doors for him to use his imagination even more, as we begin to teach him how to make other letters, it comes to him quickly since he is pretty good at the basic lines and curves of the letters. I saw a great idea from Nurturestore about creating a writing center. We went to the store and let Takbir and Tasbeeh pick out their own pencils and pencil box that goes in their book bag or on the school/dinner table. They loved it!! Here are a few ways to get your children excited about writing.
1.) Having material available. We have a sign that says Writers Workshop and inshaAllah we plan on setting it up so they can know to go to their writing section that has their special pencils, markers, and crayons all ready for them.
2.) Even when you are out and about give your child a little word pad or doodle boards that lets them erase and use the attached pen to keep them writing and praciting. Ask them what they are writing about and have a discussion about it
3.) Do make playdough, use blcks, sticks etc and form the letters with these things. Before Takbir started officially writing, he would often use blocks to spell out letters, which signaled to us that he knew how to form the letters.
4.) Have the ABC’s around the house. Alhamdulilah the boys have their own room which has ABC boarder around the room and on their table is a name tag with their name and ABC’s surround it. I think this is a good way for them to keep it to memory.
May 20, 2011

>Muslim Mom Blogs Top 50!

>American Muslim Mom has posted the top 50 Muslim Mom blogs from arond the world! SubhanAllah as I was sitting there yesterday on facebook doing my usual rounds, I saw Ponn Sabra’s post on  American Muslim Mom’s Facebook Page

I went and checked the list, just excited to see all the blogs that made it, and subhanAllah I see Habeebee Homeschooling at #30! Our blog is less than 5 months old and already because of the support  from you all..our friends, not fans, but our friends all around the world, you all helped us become one of the top blogs out there. Shukrun, thank you for following along with us on our Homeschooling journey and sharing yours with us.
Being on the list inspired us to keep working on our blog and bringing quality hands on learning tips, how to’s, and advice that will benefit parents and children inshaAllah. Thanks to all our friends out there that follow along on twitter: habeebeehs and on facebook: Habeebee Homeschooling, we truly appreciate the support.
Team Rahim is very excited and knows that this is a team effort from our family to yours. Though we have been homeschooling since the  moment of conception, when we began to share the love of learning and teaching with others, Habeebee Homeschooling became that means to do so alhamdulilah! We pray for the continue growth and benefit of Habeebee Homeschooling and pray we are able to help other families with a more hands on approach to learning.
Please do not forget to check us out for the Natural Birth Natural Body Conference in Philadelphia inshaAllah!!
Stay Tuned…
May 19, 2011

>Busy Toes!

> We love when we can make or books come to life for the children.

Someone came over and gave us the book called “Busy Toes” we thoght it would be a neat idea to let the children paint with their toes!

They had a blast as we put paint on the serving tray and let them jump from tray to paper and rubbing their toes in the paint

It was something that they enjoyed. We really strive to make the books exciting and do activites that makes them think of the book. I think this has increased their love of reading and learning. Its one of our secrets to successful homeschooling that children do really realize they are learning so much from their hands on experience.

When we hung their feet art work on the wall they engaged in much conversation about how they painted with their toes and would run to get the book and talk about it.

We also made a game out of it telling them they could not use their hands at all lol they loved the challenge and my youngest was tempted to touch but he did not, though he really loved jumping from paint to paper like a frog.

Oh the memories…..

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