>CD Fish

> Oh those old cd’s were just stacking up on us and so I took my friends advice and made these fish with simple materials. She told me this idea so many months ago but didn’t do it, and today saw the idea for the fish again on Red Ted Art’s blog for the water crafy theme.

Construction Paper
Paint Markers Crayons
Googly eyes

To get the curvy design in the fins we had a special pair of scissors for the job. We cut out the patterns and let the children put the glue on the cd and let them place the fins.

I was actually done with the project until my husband came and decided to use the glue to make scales on it and adding the googly eye

The children love it, everyone had a hand at making the fish and now we have to make another set because the boys want to take them off the wall to run around the house with, though we were working on a fish theme for the wall ..looks like I will be making more fish with the children tomorrow inshaAllah (God Willing)

Don’t you just love those spur of the moment ideas!

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