>Water Theme Challenge!!! Homemade Aquarium

>My children and I recently visited the National Aquarium in Washington DC, and they just loved the fish and turtles and all the different things they had a chance to see, masha’Allah.  So, they were excited at the idea of making an “aquarium” of our own. 
We used felt to cut out the fish and seaweed shapes, blue tissue paper for the water and pink construction paper for the starfish, glitter glue for decorating and lots of craft glue!
 I cleaned off a big plastic jar (the type pretzels or snack mix come in) and we glued the tissue to the outside of one side of it (this would then be the “back” of the scene).  We used a little green glitter glue to make some small strands of seaweed directly on the tissue paper, this helped make it stick and then we glued the edges all the way around to completely adhere it to the jar. 

Then we put the glue on the felt seaweed strands and the girls reached into the jar and placed them around the background, we were kinda going for a 3-D look. 

I drew the shapes of fish on the felt and let the kids go crazy with the glitter glue to decorate them, then I cut them out, they tried, but the felt was a little difficult for them to cut with the kiddie scissors, so I cut it with my scissors.  They also cut several strands of yarn to use to attach the fish to the lid of the jar, so they would look like they were floating.  We cut out a front and back for each hanging fish, and just one side for a couple of other fish, which were glued to the inside of the jar near the seaweed. 

To hang the fish, they glued one end of the yarn in between the front and back sides of the felt fish,  when that was semi dry, the other ends of the yarn were attached to the inside of the jar lid with tape, then when the lid was screwed on, the fish looked like they are floating  🙂

They wanted a starfish too, so I drew a star shape and my daughter cut it out and her sister decorated it, then they glued it to the bottom of the jar (the ocean floor).  Then we set it up next to the table so we have a beautiful aquarium to look and and enjoy while we have our meals together  🙂

Masha’Allah, this was fun and easy, and I am glad to have taken this challenge, Jazak’Allah Khair for offering this to us and May Allah bless you with success in your endeavors, Ameen


Kalimah is our guest writer who took the Habeebee Homeschooling Challenge. Kalimah is no stranger to getting active with her children, it wasn’t a surprise when she said she would join us in promoting a more hands on approach with our children!


One Comment to “>Water Theme Challenge!!! Homemade Aquarium”

  1. >MashaAllah I'm loving the blog posts from everyone, great idea to get everyone involved with Ameera!

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