>Water Theme Challenge!!! Water Guns With A Twist

>We had a blast doing this project! I didn’t get to do one but I enjoyed watching the kids do it.
The first pictures didn’t come out that great as we put too much water in the paint but after we omited some of the water the pictures had a lot more pop. This project is easy but very messy so make sure you do it somewhere that is easy to clean up and put up a drop cloth like we did. I sent before and after pictures so that folks could see that my wall did not end up staying a permenant work of art by the little kiddies:-)

You need:
Water guns
water color paint
poster board or any heavy paper appropriate for painting
drop cloth (we used a plastic bag cut open)

Mix the paint with water but not too much or your paint will loose it’s vibrant color. You may not need to add water if your paint is watery enough to slide easyly into the water gun. We used the paint bottles to squirt the paint into the water guns but I think it would be easier to use a small funnel. Cut open a plastic grabage bag and tape it to the wall. As you see in our pictures we didn’t cover the whole area and then put the paper on top but I think that would have been a better way to go as we would have had less clean up. Once you tape your paper up your kids are ready to shoot! This project is fun for all ages. All my kids had a lot of fun from my 2 year old to my 15 year old.

-Jamila Alqarnain

Jamila Alqarnain is the author of the book The Muslim Family Guide To Successful Homeschooling and she also has a facebook group by the name Successful Muslim Homeschooling. This mom is full of advice, wisdom, and help. We are honored that she took the Habeebee Homeschooling Challenge.


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