>Flower Theme Challenge: Felt Flowers

> By: Kalimah

This week  we made felt flowers in a vase.  We traced and cut the flowers from felt, I had to do the cutting since the felt is difficult to cut with the kids scissors.  Then the kids threaded the flowers onto the green pipe cleaners for stems.  They gave the pipe cleaner a twist after the last flower was on, to hold them in place, then they ripped a small piece of yellow tissue paper and bunched it up and glued it onto the flowers for the middle.  We wrapped a cleaned out pasta sauce jar with pink tissue paper, mixed craft glue with a little water, and they used paintbrushes to thoroughly coat the paper and adhere it to the jar. Adding water to the glue helped it to spread easier, and dry to a clear and glossy finish. 

This was fun, and even my younger son, age 1, got to help, he ripped and scrunched up the yellow tissue!  So, it really was a fun family activity ❤

One Comment to “>Flower Theme Challenge: Felt Flowers”

  1. >MashaAllah These are beautiful Kalima!!!

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