>Flower Theme Challenge: Flower Pencils

>By: Jamila Alqarnain
This is one of my favorite crafts! Flower pens/pencils are fun and very easy make . You can sell them, give them as gifts, or keep them for your own personal use. There are a few different ways to make them but I think my way is the easiest alhumdulilah. Here’s how you do it:


silk flowers
floral tape
pencils or pens
wire cutters

Use your wire cutters to clip the silk flower stem down to about 4 inches. Use two small pieces of floral tape to cover the top part of your pen or pencil. If you are making a flower pencil you may want to skip this step so the eraser can be used later on. Next hold the stem of the flower close to your pen or pencil. Start at the top and begin to twist the floral tape tightly around the pen or pencil and the stem. Twist it down to about one inch from the bottom. You should leave enough space to put the cap on your pen or to sharpen your pencil. Alhumdulilah thats it! Enjoy:-)

2 Comments to “>Flower Theme Challenge: Flower Pencils”

  1. >Aaah these are lovely! I love them! They look so lovely! To come and link them up to Kids Get Crafty!!!Maggy(http://www.redtedart.com/2011/05/04/kids-get-crafty-loo-roll-monsters/)

  2. >MashaAllah Jamila!!! Wonderful post

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