>Flower Theme Challenge: Shell Flowers

>We had recently gone away to the seaside, and the kids collected alot of shells as usual.
So, there was no doubt that this project was going to be made with shells !
Muhammad (aged 4) was the main artist – with my assistance.
We glued the flattest shell as the center of the flower.
I wanted to use the other shells as the petals, but Muhammad vetoed that idea  , instead we used them for the stem and leaves which I think worked out better.
We had a collection of other odds from  a pot-pourri set which worked out well for the petals and to add a bit of colour.
We had glued it to card stock, but now that it’s all dry, the card seems too thin for the weight of the shells,  so we’ll have to reinforce it with a stronger board.

By: Carimah & Muhammad,
Cape Town, South Africa

2 Comments to “>Flower Theme Challenge: Shell Flowers”

  1. >MashaAllah cush a cute idea!

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