>Thumb Print Flowers

> We finally got the camera working to upload our photos from the Habeebee Homeschooling Children’s Crafts Challenge! Alhamdulilah last week the theme was flowers and we saw a neat idea for flowers made out of thumb prints on another childcare website.

People were surprised that a two yr old and three yr old could sit still long enough for this. It was not a problem and the boys really enjoyed it.

We want to frame it and hang it on the wall inshaAllah its very neat and they love walking by saying ooooh flowers lol

Also we made a big sunflower and using a top from an empty grits container the boys painted it black and help put up all the parts of a flower on the wall

So this one is really simple all it requires is paint construction paper and little thumbs!
Its a good way to have their little prints in the shape of flowers

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  1. >These are wonderful! 🙂

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