>Busy Toes!

> We love when we can make or books come to life for the children.

Someone came over and gave us the book called “Busy Toes” we thoght it would be a neat idea to let the children paint with their toes!

They had a blast as we put paint on the serving tray and let them jump from tray to paper and rubbing their toes in the paint

It was something that they enjoyed. We really strive to make the books exciting and do activites that makes them think of the book. I think this has increased their love of reading and learning. Its one of our secrets to successful homeschooling that children do really realize they are learning so much from their hands on experience.

When we hung their feet art work on the wall they engaged in much conversation about how they painted with their toes and would run to get the book and talk about it.

We also made a game out of it telling them they could not use their hands at all lol they loved the challenge and my youngest was tempted to touch but he did not, though he really loved jumping from paint to paper like a frog.

Oh the memories…..

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One Comment to “>Busy Toes!”

  1. >I love how you connected this fun activity with the book – I really need to start doing it – I keep talking about it, but have yet to put anything into action! It seems so daunting to me. Making it a game I bet made for lots of giggles! :)Come play and link this up to It's Playtime this week – we'd love you to join!

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