>Write On!


Alhamdulillah woot woot Takbir wrote his name! What can I say? This will open doors for him to use his imagination even more, as we begin to teach him how to make other letters, it comes to him quickly since he is pretty good at the basic lines and curves of the letters. I saw a great idea from Nurturestore about creating a writing center. We went to the store and let Takbir and Tasbeeh pick out their own pencils and pencil box that goes in their book bag or on the school/dinner table. They loved it!! Here are a few ways to get your children excited about writing.
1.) Having material available. We have a sign that says Writers Workshop and inshaAllah we plan on setting it up so they can know to go to their writing section that has their special pencils, markers, and crayons all ready for them.
2.) Even when you are out and about give your child a little word pad or doodle boards that lets them erase and use the attached pen to keep them writing and praciting. Ask them what they are writing about and have a discussion about it
3.) Do make playdough, use blcks, sticks etc and form the letters with these things. Before Takbir started officially writing, he would often use blocks to spell out letters, which signaled to us that he knew how to form the letters.
4.) Have the ABC’s around the house. Alhamdulilah the boys have their own room which has ABC boarder around the room and on their table is a name tag with their name and ABC’s surround it. I think this is a good way for them to keep it to memory.

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