>Milk and Food Coloring


What happens when you mix milk food coloring and dish detergent? I really thought this was awesome. I read it on a preschool science website and had to try it. Tired out pretty cool, what do you think?
You will need a dish of milk
Food coloring
Q tips
Dish Detergent
We put the Q tips (the tips only) in the detergent and then the children touched the food coloring with it.
 Watch all the neat designs that happenes with this easy to do and fun science experiment. The children had such a good time and as I always say, I love when the materials are right there in our home!

Put food coloring on the edges of the tray of milk

The end result of our mixing

2 Comments to “>Milk and Food Coloring”

  1. >oh MashaAllah this is so cute!

  2. >That looks really pretty and fun!!maggy

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