Bottle Top Game

We had a moment where we collected bottle tops from milk containers and juice. Different sizes and colors. We first used the tops as counters and for color recognition. We separated them by shapes and colors. There was so much to do with our old bottle tops.

 The only mistake in this game was not using a glue gun or super glue! Some tops did really well keeping on the construction paper- cut out with the shape on it and some came off.  This game lasted awhile though and the boys enjoyed it. I took a card stock and made matching shapes for them to place the bottle tops on that had the same shape on it. Collecting tops came in handy and before I gued the shapes on them we matched them, counted them, sorted them and then turned them into a game

I think this is one of my favorite is easy games that works well in our homeschooling and now that I have super glue I have the chance to do this one again.

I love how we can do it better than the first time and grow from mistakes. I couldnt get the boys to stop playing this one


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