Leaf Wreath

We made this leaf wreath in the fall. We spoke about why leaves change colors in the fall and how they look.

We learn that “Trees respond to the decreasing amount of sunlight by producing less and less chlorophyll.”

So in the winter time the leaves have less chlorophyll ..that chlorophyll gives the leaves that vibrant green look. Less sunlight in the winter less green ๐Ÿ™‚ those brown and red colors were in the leaves already but hidden due to the chlorophyll and can began to show much more in the winter.

Now that it is summer time we will make another leaf wreath with bright colors and flowers. We will have pictures for that soon, its fun because we walk around the neighborhood and gather flowers, talk about the colors and even smell and bring them home for this easy to do project.ย  It teaches about weather, science, colors and nature.



One Comment to “Leaf Wreath”

  1. I really like this activity. I do this with my toddler class a lot with a variety of materials. It is lots of fun and easy for their little hands and they love the sticky glue! ๐Ÿ™‚

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