Stop and Smell The Art

Okay this project was one we will do again real soon. The boys loved this one and because we did pictures for fall we used nice fall spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme and italian seasoning spices.

We let the children smell them and talk about how it smells and what it looks like and feel like.


Spices (of your choice)

Construction Paper



Takbir had a g reat “thyme” making his thyme moon and star picture.


Afterwards the children smelled their pictures and exchanged them with each other and described the smells.

So stop and smell the art, this was something we just made up and it turned out really fun. We werent sure how the children would take the smells but they loved smelling it and feeling the different textures. Cinnamon has a different feeling than italian seasoning  and different smell.

Its great multi sensory learning here, smelling, touching and for certian spices like cinnamon a taste too.



6 Comments to “Stop and Smell The Art”

  1. Takbir ….. Declare the greatness of the most Gracious …. Allahoo Akbar ~ God is indeed greater than any other. U can just smell the Baraka / Blessings in this picture. The heavenly symbols & the earthly herbs make for a superb spiritual sustenance surrounding some sublime effervescence (say that tongue twister 6 times straight :~). Next time we wont use so much thyme since wasting is a crime … LOL … thanks for sharing & caring Habeebee Homeschooling is doing Great things we appreciate everything this blog brings … keep the blessings coming …. Once U’ve built it the angels in the out field will bring em in … Good God bless everyone that accepts to be blessed :~)

  2. What great fun – a really good sensory activity!

  3. Nice! I will have to try this one out! We often let the little ones paint with Kool aide in place of water colors 🙂 They love it of course!

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