Make a Learning Poster

I actually seen this idea on Letter Of The Week- Brightly Beaming Resources. They have a curriculum from birth on up. I have been using it for a long time and my son has almost finished their curriculum, they are constantly updating it and so we are waiting for them to add more to it.

One idea from their website is to make your child a learning poster. The poster shows the weeks concentration, themes and what you expect to accomplish for the week. In this example  is one that I made using cardboard box, decorated with construction paper with homemade pockets at the bottom for any material I will hang up through out the week.

 The theme was numbers, written and numeral. The boys painted apples and after they dried I numbered them to 10, printed out some strips with the number and the name written out. Through the week the board became filled with more ideas surrounded by numbers

I really love this idea because it serves as a reminder for the parent and child, keeps all the skills and objective in place and the children can see through out the day and it helps them practice even when we are not officaly schooling at the time.


Cardboard box

Constructin Paper

Glue Glitter Markers etc

I put the boys names on top so they can also get used to their names and also because as my husband says people like to hear their name and see it. it became much more personal


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