The Little Mu’mins Project

What an awesome way to teach children about the importance of good deeds, prayer, and how muslims behave.

We are taking part in the Little Mu’mins Project inshaAllah as part of our islamic studies in homeschool we will print out  our copies of Little Mu’min and teach him surahs, make him go to the kaba and teach him all about islam.

After he is done living with us we will them send him on his way to another persons home, and thus they will teach him some more about islam and record all the things he has learned and he goes off on his journey once again to another home.

This is similar to a penpal project except this Little Mu’min goes from home to home around the world and is taught about islam from all the families he visits.

You can download the male or female version here:

Thanks to Nasrin for coming up with this awesome learning experience for our children. Register and Please use the word “student” as the registration code.

“Parents first download, and print one of the “Little Mu’min” templates from our gallery. Each mu’min comes with their own prayer rug, hasanat journal, Qur’an, and miniature kabba. Each child will color and cut out their chosen character, and fold each so they can fit into a standard sized envelope. ”

I wonder where our Little Mu’min will go! If you have signed up for this project let us know and spread the word with other familes


2 Comments to “The Little Mu’mins Project”

  1. MashaAllah all of you ladies ar so creative

    • Thats all Nasrin, Im just participating mashaAllah its fun, we taught our little mu’min to pray and recite fatiha. We will be mailing him out this weekend to Nasrin’s home inshaAllah

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