Cooking Challenge- Arabic Harafun!

Asalamu Alaikum,

InshAllah you and your families are in good health and iman.  We did the craft challenge today.  It was sort of a twofer.  In an effort to tie in Arabic to all we do, our challenge revolved around three 7arafun (the kids had to choose one each instead of agreeing on one…surprise).   

So we made Arabic 7arafun from homemade playdough. 

  The recipe for the play dough:

Talet cubet   

3c flour (not sure in Arabi)Wahad w nos cub          1.5 c salt (mil7)Wahad cub                   1 c water (my)Nos cub                        0.5 c oil (zeit)(lor al eckol ?)               Food coloring 

The kids chose a color (in Arabic), then they mixed and kneaded the dough well.  They made the Arabic 7arafun kha, daad, and qaaf (the ones that they didn’t remember when we sang the Arabic Alphabet).  Easy!  We were going to make khubiz (kha) using an qanineh al my (qaaf), but I couldn’t figure anything out to use or make using 7araf daad.  LOL So, this is what we ended up with!   Hope you enjoy 


Umm Ali


(Editors Note: Alhamdulilah this is our first of two arabic letter submissions, this was exciting for us to read and excellent how you all took the time to make this how to include arabic. We are looking forward to seeing more from you and your family. Great job!! – Habeebee Homeschooling)


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