Cooking Challenge- Fruit Kabobs!

Yummy yummy!  This fruity treat was a hit with our boys. It was fun and easy. One of the best ways to get children to eat is allowing them to take part in the process of making the food

This recipe is good for the summer time, a nice healthy snack, and  oh so tasty. This awesome idea came from My Halal Kitchen:

IWe were exploring the website and saw this idea. Wanted to try it for awhile and when we decided to do the cooking challenge this was the first idea that came to mind.

All you need for this recipe are skewers and fruits of your choice.

For us we used blueberries, bananas, strawberries, peaches and kiwi.

The boys put their own fruit on and ate it off.  It was nice to see them make their own design.


Thanks to My Halal Kitchen for such an awesome idea. Hours later the children are asking can they do it again. Wonder if we can get away with this using veggies? 😉

Its not quite heavenly fruit but its the best we could do 😉

We must admit this is our favorite of the Habeebee Homeschooling Children’s Crafts Challenge, the cooking theme.  We had so much fun and will continue outside of the challenge doing more cooking ideas. What we love about these challenges are that they promote family bonding, fun, and closeness.  Its all about making the best memories, even at the dinner table.


14 Comments to “Cooking Challenge- Fruit Kabobs!”

  1. Masha’Allah, that looks yummy, I think my kids would like that!, Thanks for sharing Sister 🙂

  2. Love this! I would love to feature your recipe on my website,
    Please let me know if you would be interested and I will feature your blog as well. email me!!


  3. The fruit kabobs looks really beautiful and delicious too..

  4. Asalaamu’alaikium- thank you so much for using my recipe! I’m so excited that hte kids got into it and hope we can continue to work together on more kid-friendly recipe ideas 🙂

    • Im so honored you came by Yvonne thanks! Looking forward to seeing more kid recipes there for us to try out here at home. We have gotten good responses to your kabobs mashaAllah

  5. Fun fruit activities is a great way to boost ones vitamin C ….. LOL …. and stay healthy. Exciting the children make them enjoy learning & enlightens their spark to further their education … there we have 4 E’s in Habeebee Homeschooling & now we will will have insha Allah 4 babies to teach …. indeed Allah ta ala is the best teacher when we have Taqwa / Real Piety, full of bounty … Alhamdoo leel Lah hear Rabbill alameen

    • Boost vitamin c and a brain boost, they had a good time figuring out what fruits they wanted to use and how to do it.. 4 babies!!! Whoa nelly where did all those children come from LOL

  6. Love, love, love making fruit kabobs! These look great.

  7. Our class will make these this year for sure!!

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