Ready Set Go! Racing Cars

My friend Saba on twitter came up with this idea of having the boys race their cars in the dirt for another dirt based activity.

My husband said we should build a ramp and pack it with mud. The boys loved that part of pouring water on the soil and then packing it on the cardboard that we made into a ramp

All you need for this really is soil. cars, card board box, plastic to cover the floor and a great imagination.

We went to the beach yesterday and the boys had so much in the sand, I believe almost two years ago they were so scared to touch the sand and wanted to stay in the stroller. This year they loved the sand and throwing it all over the place.  I say this because my husband felt as though our last two dirt based activities help them prepare for the wet sand.

 I think it did as well, in our last post about being paleontologist, I mentioned the boys were a bit timid putting their hands in the dirt and really getting messy but after hours of it, they loved it and asked every day since then can they play in the dirt lol. Before we went to the beach we did this idea and it was also a big hit, we even turned the soil into a volcano after racing cars together for almost 3 hours.


5 Comments to “Ready Set Go! Racing Cars”

  1. Two thumbs up for how creative you and your husband are! Hooray!

  2. The kids in my classroom love small cars – they would love to play in the mud with them! Look what I got today –!/photo.php?fbid=215175535187416&set=a.215174898520813.57801.212611188777184&type=1&theater – There is actually about 30 in all – good find 🙂

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