DIY- Pattern Worksheet

DIY- Do It Yourself

My friend Nasrin gave me this idea. She is always good for sharing how to make worksheets and DIY homeschooling workbooks. We made this simple patterns worksheet for our boys.

Theres something about making worksheets for the children , it feels much more personal and much more involved in the homeschooling, thats just how we feel

Not only does it teach patterns but we went over colors and names of shapes.

This helps us save money on homeschooling material when we can make our own worksheets. Very simple to do and you do not have to be super into graphics and have all kinds of applications to do this.

This was done simply with Microsoft Wordpad and we added shapes and colors. Printed out two so they can glue the shape that goes next in the pattern. The boys caught on fast and finished the worksheet before I could print it. They actually watch us make it and asked could we add more. We did 4 lines of a simple patterns

We are now ready to move on to maybe a harder pattern. Its fun to make worksheets for the children. We will be making another pattern one soon for the upcoming issue of LIL Muslims Magazine & Workbook which features a lot of our homemade worksheets and awesome curriculum for young muslim children mashaAllah.

You can click our tab to check out more and how to purchase the magazine.


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