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July 31, 2011

Ramadan Fun Fruit Cups

Ramadan Mubarak! Alhamdulilah its that blessed time of the year and we are decorating! Day 1

This idea came to us as we were eating our snacks and we made project part of our Ramadan decorations. InshaAllah we will post more ideas through out the month inshaAllah.   This is a simple and fun idea to get children involved in Ramadan. For this idea all you need are fruit cups minus the fruit lol. Yarn and foam stickers or decoration items of your choice.

We used this time with the boys to teach several lessons using this arts and crafts moment. With our foam stickers we were able to go over shapes, colors and also use of the sense of hearing sounds.

We first shook the container while it was empty and naturally it made no sound and next we placed an object inside of the container before we closed it with krazy glue and the children shook it, learning that when there is some substance inside it makes a sound.

In this case we used a square block and octagon.

After putting a hole on the top and stringing yarn through we can now hang them from the ceiling.

InshaAllah we will have more ideas to post.

We pray everyone will have a blessed and fun Ramadan. Make the most of each day and make the most of each moment with your family.

July 23, 2011

Going On A Bug Hunt!

Recently inspired by Kreative Resources, see our previous post. We decided to go on a bug hunt with our magnifying glasses and print out of some cool bugs we did a treasure hunt style– adventure– but with bugs.  The children used their magnifying glasses and went on a search.

We posted them in different areas of the house and then we let the kids go search for them. They screamed in excitement every time they turned around there was a bug on the wall or floor.


Good thing these gigantic bugs aren’t real!  Also for extra detail on this activity we decided to some work on classification. We printed some animals cards and had the children separate the insects from the non insects and we will post that one later.

We also used the pdf that we made for the first time, see the older post and used them as well, to learn the names of the different types of insects and the children really enjoyed it.

We even sang “We’re going on a bug hunt, bug hunt!!” through out the house.

This is a fun idea and as we observe insect life we have been looking for more insects outside. Teaching the children that its okay to touch bugs and not be afraid.

We will even attempt to do a graph with bugs, for math concepts for the children.

July 21, 2011

Dino Wipes

Our two year old Tasbeeh loves Dinosaurs. We have been collecting our baby wipes containers just in case we came up with a nice idea to use with them.  You never know what you can use to be creative! We were in the dollar store and came across these dinosaur foam stickers. We knew our son Tasbeeh would love them! Even though at the time we weren’t sure what we would use them for until we saw the baby wipes stacked neatly in the cabinet, yes we have a cabinet dedicated to our empty containers such a empty oatmeal containers, cartons, and juice tops!


We decided to let them decorate the baby wipes container with dinos! This will either end up, a pencil, crayons, or markers holder, or a place to store their counting blocks and bears.





Even if we want to refill it with baby wipes it could still be used for that. Its fun to carry around your children’s artwork and little designs.


July 20, 2011

Habeebee Homeschooling First PDF: Bugs

This is our first time making a pdf, what do you think?

We love the idea from Kreative Resources where they used insect flashcards and magnifying glasses. See:

It inspired us to do something similar. We  will post a part two to this one once we finish it inshaAllah

Here are some insect cards that we made, since we could not really find the kind we wanted online :Insect Cards

We have two sets of these, we are working on the second one.

There’s an idea we will do based off the cards. Give us your feedback and feel free to use them yourself.

This is part one of our animal theme challenge.



July 18, 2011

Handprint Spider

A month or two ago, we used our hands to make spiders. We painted the boys’ hands and then placed it on the paper. Once it dried we drew the spider web around it. its a simple fun idea for anyone working on learning about spiders. For those with younger children can sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, learn about what spiders eat and how they live.

This was part of our S letter of the week. You can take this idea and expand on it. Talk about the spider web and how spiders trap their food.

We also have one of those scrub balls, the children was ripping it apart one day and when I walked in I didn’t get upset but instantly thought hey, this would make a great spider web 🙂 I collected it off the floor and hid for the next art activity. The bath scrub ball is blue but I will let the boys dip it in black paint and then glue it on the construction paper. This is an idea I want to try with the children. Look for that picture soon

I took this picture with my cell phone but hey you get the picture 😉