The Butterfly Life Cycle

We are working on our science lessons and for the next couple of weeks we will be observing the life cycle of insects/animals.

This week we are doing the life of the butterfly

Day 1 we spent time working on learning the names of the stages the butterfly goes through. Whats funny s I found random items around the house that would give a visual idea of what the stages look like.

After hanging the items on the wall. We labeled them and then explained the butterfly is first an egg, then a caterpillar/larve comes out. Then the caterpillar goes to sleep in the pupa and then wakes up a butterfly!

After we finished discussing it on the wall we did a worksheet that you can find here:


Our son did this worksheet

We cut and he glued the words in the right places.


This week we will continue the life of the butterfly with different ideas.



3 Responses to “The Butterfly Life Cycle”

  1. One idea might be to ask them to identify the various stages of the butterfly, labeled and unlabeled. Ask them to explain the stages, and match the labels to the proper stages. You can guide them to dramatize or act out the various stages and explain why Allah makes the butterfly, such as what special properties God has given them. Such as the concept that some butterflies pollinate flowers. With my son we often review a previous lesson, but then build on the previous one. So with butterflies he would prioritize which stage came first, second, third and fourth for Mathematics. After which he would label each one to test his vocabulary and spelling.

    With Matthew we included English literacy lessons by borrowing a book from the local library, and testing his reading skills.

    In other lessons we would focus on our Earth/Space science on how the butterfly breaths in O2 (oxygen). For biology, we would learn what the butterfly ate, as well as what ate the butterfly to learn the food chain. For physics we constructed our own butterfly and learned how the butterfly flew. There is a great video online that discusses why Allah created various patterns on the wings of the butterfly.

    I love how you used found items around the home to complete the lesson. Very creative and inspirational for other homeschooling families out there who are looking for a hands on way to teach young children science.


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