DIY Butterfly Book

We wrapped up our science lesson a little early this week.  Alhamdulilah we were able to get the main lessons in. We enjoyed spending time getting to know the butterfly.

Each week we decided to wrap up the observing insect life lesson with a do it yourself book.  We have made books for the children in the past but this one involves the lesson of the week. It may even be for all their lessons. They can always go back and read the lessons in the DIY book.


Each page we went through the stages of the Butterfly and at the end we put a words from the story page, a repeat of new vocabulary words from the story.

After the pages are done drying from the glue, we use a hole puncher and then bind it inside the book.

We usually use contact paper to laminate the pages but we did not have any this time so we will add that part later. In the mean time the children read the book and talked about the pictures. We are looking forward to making one every week to wrap up our science lesson.

This is a simple project which did not take much time. A few pictures online and we typed up the story, printed them and glued it to construction paper.

Its a lot more personal when you make the materials yourself


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  1. Very nice sister:-)

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