Firefly Fun

For our observing insect life portion of our homeschooling, last week we did the butterfly and this week we did a brief  look at the firefly. Sometimes our homeschooling fun has its late night moments. My friend Nasrin had us really excited when she shared a video on her page of her and her son’s firefly collection!

Not only did we want to catch them, we also wanted to explore the details of the firefly.  We went to the park with our flashlights (our version of imitating the firefly- thanks Nasrin!)  and waited until it had gotten dark. The first firefly we caught landed on Tasbeeh’s kufi 🙂 and that set the tone for the rest of the night! Many children at the park  joined us as we searched for fireflies and each child gave their own thoughts on where fireflies lived and how to catch them. 

Not only did I share this experience with my children but several other children in the neighborhood 🙂 No one wanted to go home but it was getting late and I did not want to keep the fireflies for too long. We brought them home and fed them leaves, even a banana peel. After that they became more active..flying and lighting up in the jar. They really gave us a show then!

Tomorrow inshaAllah we will go into more detail on the life of the firefly. It was very interesting to see them up close!


2 Comments to “Firefly Fun”

  1. oooooh, you are so brave!!!! lol Can’t say I would have been out looking for “live” bugs 😀 LOL

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