Handprint Spider

A month or two ago, we used our hands to make spiders. We painted the boys’ hands and then placed it on the paper. Once it dried we drew the spider web around it. its a simple fun idea for anyone working on learning about spiders. For those with younger children can sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, learn about what spiders eat and how they live.

This was part of our S letter of the week. You can take this idea and expand on it. Talk about the spider web and how spiders trap their food.

We also have one of those scrub balls, the children was ripping it apart one day and when I walked in I didn’t get upset but instantly thought hey, this would make a great spider web πŸ™‚ I collected it off the floor and hid for the next art activity. The bath scrub ball is blue but I will let the boys dip it in black paint and then glue it on the construction paper. This is an idea I want to try with the children. Look for that picture soon

I took this picture with my cell phone but hey you get the picture πŸ˜‰


2 Comments to “Handprint Spider”

  1. thanks for stoping by the other day and leaving comments…i am so glad to be connected to such a wonderful mother like u….i always feel that the joy of homeschooling can be understood by the parents who homeschool. i too feel alone sometimes and when i have to give justifications to people abt my decision to homeschool. i have found so many activities on ur blog that i have to try with my son including this handprint spiders. how old are ur kids? and where r u located? are u in india or in asia? would love to have more interactions with u. regards himadri..

    • Himadri You are welcome, love your blog and your post. Its great to see another mom doing similar work with their child. My children are 7, 4, 2, and 1 πŸ™‚ I live in New York . You are in India? What is it like there? I’m on facebook, do you have a page, my name on my page is Ameera Rahim. Would love to chat with you more!

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