Going On A Bug Hunt!

Recently inspired by Kreative Resources, see our previous post. We decided to go on a bug hunt with our magnifying glasses and print out of some cool bugs we did a treasure hunt style– adventure– but with bugs.  The children used their magnifying glasses and went on a search.

We posted them in different areas of the house and then we let the kids go search for them. They screamed in excitement every time they turned around there was a bug on the wall or floor.


Good thing these gigantic bugs aren’t real!  Also for extra detail on this activity we decided to some work on classification. We printed some animals cards and had the children separate the insects from the non insects and we will post that one later.

We also used the pdf that we made for the first time, see the older post and used them as well, to learn the names of the different types of insects and the children really enjoyed it.

We even sang “We’re going on a bug hunt, bug hunt!!” through out the house.

This is a fun idea and as we observe insect life we have been looking for more insects outside. Teaching the children that its okay to touch bugs and not be afraid.

We will even attempt to do a graph with bugs, for math concepts for the children.


4 Comments to “Going On A Bug Hunt!”

  1. cute! when I read the title it immediately made me think of the story and tune, “we’re going on a bear hunt.” 😀

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