Ramadan Fun Fruit Cups

Ramadan Mubarak! Alhamdulilah its that blessed time of the year and we are decorating! Day 1

This idea came to us as we were eating our snacks and we made project part of our Ramadan decorations. InshaAllah we will post more ideas through out the month inshaAllah.   This is a simple and fun idea to get children involved in Ramadan. For this idea all you need are fruit cups minus the fruit lol. Yarn and foam stickers or decoration items of your choice.

We used this time with the boys to teach several lessons using this arts and crafts moment. With our foam stickers we were able to go over shapes, colors and also use of the sense of hearing sounds.

We first shook the container while it was empty and naturally it made no sound and next we placed an object inside of the container before we closed it with krazy glue and the children shook it, learning that when there is some substance inside it makes a sound.

In this case we used a square block and octagon.

After putting a hole on the top and stringing yarn through we can now hang them from the ceiling.

InshaAllah we will have more ideas to post.

We pray everyone will have a blessed and fun Ramadan. Make the most of each day and make the most of each moment with your family.


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