Ramadan Sponge Painting & Moon Phases

Ramadan idea day 5

This is a nice science idea we came up with.  For the boys to learn that Ramadan begins when we see the new moon we would explain the phases.

We told the children the ways the moon looks through the month.

From the beginning of each month the  moon will go through several differences (phases) before the next month comes.

And will start over again as a new moon


To teach this we decided it would be best to learn the moon phases with paper plates and sponge painting.

We learned that moons go through certain stages:





We bought blue paper plates from the store and cut them into the shapes of each phase.

Next we used white paper plates for the boys to paint the phases of the moon and match them to the blue paper plate ones.

Weeks ago we bought pool noodles from the store and have yet to use them. Today they were used for our sponges.


Later when the sponges dry we will string them and them up as decorations 😉 look for that post later this week inshaAllah!


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