Ramadan Aluminum Paintings

Ramadan day 6

We did aluminum foil paintings. Forgive us readers, the photos had to be taken with our webcam, our camera recently decided to check out! We pray you all can see clearly this project.

Its amazing what you can find when you clean up. I have been looking for foil for a long time and found it last night. Not for cooking, but for artwork for the children 😀  For this project we found a moon and pressed down on the foil and traced the moon with a pencil.

We used heavy duty foil and I went over the moon again with the pencil to make sure the boys could see it when its time to paint it. I drew the clouds free hand on the foil and the children painted it. We can now hang it up on the wall. Since we did work on the moon yesterday the boys called this a crescent instead of saying moon 🙂 I’m happy they remembered it.  Before doing this project we first taped the foil to a piece of cardboard from an old box.

After they painted the moon and clouds the boys made red dots over it and I colored the ends purple to have a picture frame look lol 🙂 Looks really cool on the wall!



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