Ramadan Bulletin Board

Ramadan Idea Day 7

Alhamdulilah we pray everyone is having a blessed Ramadan! For homeschool we do bulletin boards often, and we have a great time picking a theme each month for our bulletin board display. This month alhamdulilah we have a Ramadan display. At the moment I will post a picture of our bulletin board last year.

We drew the Kaba and the boys colored it along with coloring moon and stars to hang up around the Kaba mashaAllah.
Our vocabulary words during Ramadan were Kaba, Allah, Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa salaam and Ramadan.

Our border is home made scraps of paper we used to cut out a previous project and instead of throwing it away we used it for being our bulletin board border!


One Comment to “Ramadan Bulletin Board”

  1. How cute!!! Masha Allah! It is during times like this that I wish I had children of my own to do activities like this 😀 Ramadan is such a wonderful time!

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