Ramadan Smells Good

Ramadan Idea day 10

We did blog this one before but definitely worth repeating. This is a nice sensory activity with the use of spices from around the home. Because its Ramadan cinnamon and other sweet pleasant like spices came to mind. 

There was a post recently on a Montessori blog about spices recently and this also is fun to have the children smell the spices and pick which ones they like and which ones they did not find appealing!

On the construction paper we did designs in glue, in this case moon and stars and let the children sprinkle the spices they liked on the paper. MashaAllah after it was done they kept smelling the artwork.

You can also expand on this lesson by talking about the nose and how the nose’ job is to smell and talk about what smells you like and which ones are not so pleasent. Make a chart of what the children enjoy smelling and what they don’t!


2 Comments to “Ramadan Smells Good”

  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum,
    How does long does the smell last? This is a great idea! Here are some of our Ramadhan stuff: http://noorjanan.blogspot.com/search/label/Ramadhan

    • Wa alaykumsalaam.. From what I can remember the smell lasted for sometime I think it depends on what you use. Its a reat sensory activity mashaAllah. Thanks for the link to your blog!

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