Ramadan Blogs, Websites, & Freebies!

As salaamu alaykum, okay so we are in the process of unpacking in our new home. We just could not leave on a break without giving you guys some awesome sites to keep up with the Ramadan crafts!

We look forward to hearing about the lovely crafts you all made during Ramadan inshaAllah!





Ummi’s Circle : http://ummiscircle.blogspot.com/   This blog is hosted by my identical twin sister mashaAllah! I love watching the work my nieces do over there 🙂

Confessions Of A Muslims MOMmaholic- She has such great craft ideas! – http://confessionsofamuslimmommaholic.com/

I learn I read I write: http://ilearnireadiwrite.blogspot.com/   This blog is one of our favorites!!


http://www.mini-mumin.com/RK.html Free Mini Ramadan Kit!

http://studioqscrap.com/2011/08/welcome-ramadhan-mini-kit-freebie/ This looks nice, have not tried it yet so it you have leave a comment!!

A few ideas we have not posted but are working on:

DIY Ramadan Coloring book- select pictures about Ramadan and put it together to make a coloring book

DIY Ramadan Storybook- Put together a story about Ramadan so the children can read it

Ramadan Word Search

DIY Ramadan Decoder

DIY Ramadan Cards for family and friends

DIY Eid Cards for family and friends or homemade pictures framed






3 Comments to “Ramadan Blogs, Websites, & Freebies!”

  1. awesome I love the blogs and bloggers you posted!!

  2. Great ideas! There’s some more good free Ramadan coloring pages at http://www.thecolor.com/Category/Coloring/Ramadan.aspx

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