First attempt Addition Lapbook

We did addition this week alhamdulilah it was fun, we came up with a new song and did some macaroni math, see: We became interested in lapbooking,

I think it is fun and beneficial too! A great way to store work and you can use it for each child or let someone else use it. I was working on making a lapbook the past couple days, but became side tracked and finally completed it tonight. Can’t wait for the boys to use it!


The past week I requested materials for homeschooling on freecycle and alhamdulilah was blessed to get a big box of pretty much new supplies. Folders, crayons, markers, paper and more.


Hubby and I put this simple addition lapbook together

Using index cards we put 1 addition facts and taped them enough so they can use washable markers to write the answers and reuse

Then we made a series of mini books inside the lapbook, on matching, addition chart, addition with pictures, word problems and circle the right answer workbook

We will be working on our second lapbook later this weekend inshaAllah for counting numbers 1-10


This was really fun to do and it looks like I will add lapbooking into our homeschooling!



2 Comments to “First attempt Addition Lapbook”

  1. This is a cute lapbook ma sha Allah. I’ve been using the add it game from confessions of a homeschooler w. my son and he likes it so far, as long as I make word problems out of each card.

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