Peek-a-boo Word Families!

To continue with the lesson on word families, I came up with open the flap kind of game. We used index cards, wrote several word families and words too that go with the family. We covered the first letter with construction paper.

We named a color and then they would lift the flap of the color and read the word. Also along with reading the word we named what family it belonged too.


After we used the cards we put them on the back of cardboard and we will hang it up on the wall.


We will use it for morning drills! It was simple and fun, the children always loved those kind of books, where you had to discover what was behind the flaps. We knew this one would be a hit.

They were even gentle with it and curious as we made it, about what was behind the colored squares.


3 Comments to “Peek-a-boo Word Families!”

  1. Thats so cute we do something similar, I use index cards as well and what I do is add both the consonants and live out the vowels: b _t, c_t, s_t, I put all the vowels (depending on the consonant in the back of the index cards and they can use anyone to form words lol its fun mashallah thats my show and share inshallah 🙂 Love to see different ways we all incorporate in our homeschooling lives LOL nice to meet you sister…

    Umm Samyrah♥ ☺

  2. *leave out lol

    • MashaAllah we had fun doing this! I have so many index cards I am still sitting here thinking of what else I could use index cards for lol. I love DIY projects! Thats cool, looking forward to you sharing more inshaAllah! I love reading about what other moms are doing with their children. Do you blog as well? How old are your kiddos?

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