Jellyfish in A Bottle

Today part of our learning about the ocean we saw this great idea about Jellyfish in a bottle. A great idea from:

Bhoom Play

I must admit for a simple easy to do project the first time our jellyfish seemed to float at the top kind of limp!

The materials you need for this are: clear bag, food coloring, and a piece of thread.

We cut the handles off the plastic bag, then cut the sides of the bag and disregarded one side.


After we grabbed it from the center and tied the thread like it was a little balloon but not too tight because after it is tide and you cut the tentacles have to place some water in the bag (the head) of the jellyfish.

It was kind of hard  to take a picture of it in the water so we made a video of it.


This was a fun to do project with the kiddos. We will continue to explore ocean life this week inshaAllah




You can see the video on our facebook page:


One Comment to “Jellyfish in A Bottle”

  1. creative, simple & nice. ❤

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