Cereal Box Workbook

We have been meaning to make this for a long time. We thought this would be a fun way for the children to learn using the cereal boxes. For homeschooling it’s a great way for us  to search for letters, ask about colors, learn new words, and learn numbers.

There is so much you can do with this idea and it is fun to take with you in the car, children can write on it and on some cereal boxes there are games the children can play. Especially if you laminate it, you can use it over and over again.


The materials you need are cereal boxes, hole puncher, thread yarn etc, and contact paper (optional) We did not have contact paper or a laminating machine but it’s okay we figure the boys can color and write all over it.

So you cut the front out and the back of the cereal box, not using the side panels.. though I thought they would make for interesting bookmarks or if laminated used for learning about nutrition facts for older children.

After you are done cutting out the front and back of the cereal boxes, you should measure them to make sure they are all even and make the holes now with the hole puncher.


We used regular glue and mixed the cereal boxes up the front and backs and glued them to different ones.


After that we tied it with a strong string and to make it extra fun we wrote on it, we put the boys’ names and labeled some of the pictures on the cereal boxes.

Inside the workbook:


Maybe next time we will add more cereal boxes for the children to enjoy

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