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November 29, 2011

Float or Sink? Science Fun

Alhamdulilah we taught a lesson in floating and sinking.





We saw this idea on Irresistible Ideas For Play Based Learning.  Check it out (  

Before we started this fun science lesson, we talked about the words float and sink. First of all I was truly amazed that my newly turned three year old Tasbeeh read the words float and sink to me when I asked him what did the words say on the index card! He totally took me by surprise and I needed a minute to recover lol

After telling them what the words means and quizzing them on it, I asked the boys to find three objects in the house that we will see if it floats or sink. After they ran around the house, I picked three of my own and then we met up to discuss what we had and whether it looks like it will sink or float.. prediction time.

The boys filled our bin with water as far enough to make a difference that we could see what sank and what floated.

The boys took turns placing objects in the water and telling me if it  floats or sinks and this helped them to keep the definitions in their memory.


We laid down on the floor to get a better look at the items that went to the top and the ones that went to the bottom.  It was fun and afterwards our four yr old journaled about it, writing his new vocabulary words float and sink and then drawing in his journal what happened with our wet and fun science experiment.

November 15, 2011

Circle Collages

We had a nice simple fun activity

Today we did a collage of circles with different size tops

We identified which ones were big and small. Then we played Frisbee with the big tops lol





we had a light and easy day today and this made for fun review and practice on various skills from colors, counting, size and naming the shape.




Maybe later in the week we will do many shapes

November 10, 2011

Word Family Web

Today we did some work on word families, we have been doing a lot of review this week with the kiddos

We have been envisioning a web on the wall and turning the spider web into a word web.


It was fun making this with the children. We decided we would change the word family each week depending on how soon the children catch on.



There are insects etc trapped in the web 🙂 each with a word that belongs to the family of the spider..this week is “an”.






The spider is heading towards the insects to eat them so he can get his words!

November 5, 2011

Green Eggs And Halal Ham

“Would you eat them with your mother? Would you eat them with your brother?” was the question today after we read the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

The boys were in for a nice surprise as we secretly made green eggs and halal (halal- food that is killed according to Islamic dietary laws–kind of similar to kosher. In short food that is blessed) turkey ham for a real life re-enactment.

The boys love the story and we read it with such excitement, they really get into it every time.

After we finished reading the story we asked them would they eat green eggs and ham? They all replied that they would. So we put them to the test LOL

“Eat them eat them, here they are” and we presented them with a bowl of green eggs and turkey ham.

They rushed off to get their spoons and each tried it, let’s just say two out of three enjoyed it, while all of them tried it, the youngest one ate the most of it 🙂

It’s fun to make the books come to life and the children remember each time we read a story if we did something outside of the book that is relate able.

Every time they read the book green eggs and ham they will never forget the time they tried to eat it.


We even drew scenes from the story after we finished 🙂

November 4, 2011

Learning About Maps

Today we took a look at maps.

We simply made a street on the floor with nice stops along the way. We had water, grass, a sensory construction site, bridge to drive under and a school.

Needless to say the boys spent almost an hour in the construction site before they started driving under the bridge and pretending to swim in the water.

We drew a map on construction paper of the same streets and sights, then we had the boys follow the map and drive their cars to where they wanted to go.

They got lost on the way to finding the construction site but after a few tries they finally made it! They learned to match the pictures on the map with the actual replica of the street.