Word Family Web

Today we did some work on word families, we have been doing a lot of review this week with the kiddos

We have been envisioning a web on the wall and turning the spider web into a word web.


It was fun making this with the children. We decided we would change the word family each week depending on how soon the children catch on.



There are insects etc trapped in the web šŸ™‚ each with a word that belongs to the family of the spider..this week is “an”.






The spider is heading towards the insects to eat them so he can get his words!


2 Comments to “Word Family Web”

  1. very interesting! how old are your kids? I’m wondering if my 4y.o. would catch on to this game or get confused by the words not representing the pictures (insects) but we are also going over a lot of these same words right now – using the flash cards. i like this concept tho… once the spider ‘catches’ the word – what does the child have to do?

    • Great questions! My oldest son is four, he has been reading since he was two years old, he learned the name of the words to the animals in the web some time ago, we also did animal insect classification too some time ago ..we worked on labeling the insects animals with the proper names…so this game was easy to catch on for him it did not confuse him on that we are reviewing word families… we ask him to find the word and he hurries and grabs the word off the wall so the spider can’t get the animal that has the word šŸ™‚

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