Circle Collages

We had a nice simple fun activity

Today we did a collage of circles with different size tops

We identified which ones were big and small. Then we played Frisbee with the big tops lol





we had a light and easy day today and this made for fun review and practice on various skills from colors, counting, size and naming the shape.




Maybe later in the week we will do many shapes


5 Comments to “Circle Collages”

  1. As-salaamo alaykum,

    Nice job. We just found your blog. We are a homeschooling family too. We have a Twitter feed @MsMomina (just posted your great work mA) and a blog. Love to have you join us : ).

    -Ms Momina

    • Wa alaykumsalaam awesome I am on twitter too: habeebeehs and have stopped by your blog today! We are on facebook too ..look forward to connecting more

      • Jazakillah Khair for stopping by! Just getting things up and running, Alhumdullilah. I am no longer on FB, but am now following you all on Twitter, Alhumdullilah. Insha’ Allah you all will follow me back : ). If you know of any other Muslim HSchoolers on Twitter or blogs let me know. I haven’t seen tooo many. Take care.

  2. Mashallah ….you are doing really nice work , barak Allah laki

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