DIY- Literacy Fun: Popout Book

We made the boys a count and find pop out book. It was fun and easy to make. We called this book “We Like Animals”  it is the story of three different animals and they are looking for something in the story. 


The first is a dinosaur he is looking for his orange ball

The second is a bear and he is looking for three trees

The last is a butterfly and he is looking for a big flower.  This DIY book had the boys find the items and count, also name colors and the animals they were looking at.

You can make this by doing the follow: 


Get a construction paper and fold it in half..cut two slits about an inch apart and then push the square inbetween the slits inside the fold. It should look like a box inside when you open it, and then you glue whatever object you want on it and around it

Put lines on the paper and write a story afterwards we taped them all together and then put one final layer of construction paper on top. Ta da!!




6 Comments to “DIY- Literacy Fun: Popout Book”

  1. Oh my! This is adorable! You are so clever!


  2. Oh. My. Goodness. How cute is that?!?!?!?!?

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